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How to choose a high quality glasses display stand​?

How to choose a high quality glasses display stand?

        Good glasses or brand glasses should have a good display platform match。 It is very important for the customer to choose a perfect eyewear,and the display platform can stimulate customers' desire to buy。 The following is a professional point of view, how to choose the good eyewear display racks。

1. Look at the hardware accessories.

        In order to place the products in the glasses display cabinet, it is necessary to use some hardware accessories to achieve the purpose, such as rotating discs, push-pull lockers and so on. The excellent glasses display cabinet is the perfect combination of hardware accessories, cabinets and cabinet doors.  It can be opened and closed smoothly and can withstand tens of thousands of switches without deformation damage. Also check the metal surface for damage.

2. Check the edges:

       To distinguish the quality of the glasses display rack, the most important point is to check the edge sealing effect of the glasses display stand。 The ShowPal display adopts modern machinery and equipment, adopts high temperature and high pressure sealing, and the appearance is clean and firm after sealing。 It avoids damage to the display cabinet due to moisture during long-term use, making the glasses display stand more durable。

3。 Waterproof design:

       In general, the special waterproof design of the surface of the booth should be increased so that the water on the table surface does not easily fall on the showcase。 This is also a guarantee that the display can be used for a long time。 At this time, merchants who want to sell glasses should pay special attention when purchasing glasses display stands。

4. Observing the surface:

        Acrylic sheets are often used in the glasses display racks, and the acrylic sheets are prone to scratching problems, which can be found by observing the surface.

5. Manufacturing standards:

      The environmental friendliness of the glasses display cabinets is very important, mainly for the sealing of panels, countertops and edge seals。 These materials need to meet environmental requirements。 Among them, the board needs to use the wood-based board that meets the formaldehyde emission standard。 The standard selected by the ShowPal display is the international environmental protection E1 standard, and the environmental protection coefficient is high。

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